Concrete Restoration, Repair and Reinforcement.
Concrete Finishing, Treatment and Maintenance Products.

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Concrete Repair Epoxy Epo-Toxy, Concrete Repair Epoxy   CR-60, Super Bond Repair Cement (Mortar) Concrete Repair Epoxy Fill joints in concrete, flexible joint sealant
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Concrete Restoration, Repair and Reinforcement.
Concrete Finishing, Treatment and Maintenance Products.

Products Summary

ELASTA GEL 6170 flexible concrete joint filler

is a flexible impact resistant polymer specially formulated for use in cracks, construction joints and expansion joints.

The material has adequate elongation to withstand thermal movements and physical properties to carry heavy wheel loading and impact.


CR SOLUTIONS, Inc., researched, tested and brought together a family of products and processes that have been proven effective in handling hydrocarbon and other wastes, capturing those wastes, and treating them so that the wastes and the cleaning materials may be disposed in landfills, land farms, or incinerated.

  • Emulsate-A
    water soluble solution to remove oil and grease from concrete
  • Buffer-C
    organic blend to control pH & assist microbial action

is a no-mix, ready to use, water soluable and user friendly strengthener, conditioner and primer for new and aged concrete.. This non-toxic, penetrating concrete sealer:

  • Stops Freeze / Thaw Damage
  • Improves Overall Strength, Density and Hardness
  • Eliminates Interior and External Contaminants
  • Reduces Maintenance Costs for Aged Concrete

is a space age epoxy compound designed for concrete repair, that offers an alternative to cementitious type repair material. It is the ultimate solution to defaced concrete surfaces ranging from 1/8", in depth and up.

  • Mixed with Sand it is a 3 part compound epoxy grout, used for multiple exterior and interior applications, as well as for general repair of concrete structures and surfaces.
  • Can be color-adjusted for different shades of concrete gray.
  • The set time is adjustable for cold weather or high traffic areas.

LSE 7000

is a low-shrink, fast setting, fiber reinforced, resin modified heavy duty concrete repair mortar designed for use when a rapid strength gain is needed to minimize downtime.

  • Attains 2500 psi in 1 hour
  • Can be opened to traffic in 1 hour
  • Bondable & Compatible with Portland Cement Concrete
  • Uses include concrete highways, airport runways, bridge decks, parking structures

is a high strength mortar containing Portland cement, special polymers and additives to provide an outstanding strength gain, along with a long pot life. It is formulated to be shrinkage compensating. The mortar sets up hard, reaching in excess of 4000 psi. in 24 hours.


is a water solution of specially formulated emulsifiers and surfactants for use to remove oil and grease from concrete.


is a proprietary blend of organic acids and buffer to replace Muriatic Acid for etching concrete. It removes laitance and weak poorly hydrated concrete surfaces to facilitate the use of sealers and coatings.

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Seal Concrete#960 Sub-Floor Underlayment Repair ConcreteExpansion Joints (Elasta-Gel Sealant)
Repair ConcreteSpalled & Scaled Surfaces or Sealing Repair ConcreteWalkways
Repair ConcreteCracks, Dormant Repair ConcreteCracks, Moving, #203
Repair ConcreteOverlaying and Resurfacing Repair ConcreteBalconies
Repair ConcreteStair Steps Repair ConcreteRuts,Holes and Pitmarks
Repair ConcreteAnti-Skid Surfaces Concrete MortarCR-60: Repairs using Concrete Mortar

U.S.D.A. and F.D.A Approved.

Visit these page for MSDS, and other specification and installation data:
Concrete Remeditation Solutions ELASTA GEL details
Epo-Toxy™ details SUPER~SEAL details
LSE 7000 details CR-60 details

Other grades of epoxies available upon request including commercial and industrial epoxy flooring materials.

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